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lightstock_63040_medium_sarah_There are approximately 330,000 churches in the U.S. The median size of a Christian church’s congregation is 186 people, but some churches have expanded to thousands of regular attendees. On any given Sunday, there are approximately 80 million Americans attending a church service. The average churchgoer gives $1,000 to the church each year. This represents an estimated $80 billion dollars in annual giving to churches per year in the U.S.

These numbers represent three reasons why advertising to church leaders is a great fit for your business:

First, churches need resources, and church leaders influence the buying decisions from the church budget.

Churches by their very nature are growth-oriented, and growth-oriented organizations need resources. The average church has an annual budget of about $100,000, and the leaders of the church have significant buying influence.  You can learn more about what church leaders are planning to buy in the coming year by looking at the demographics for each of our websites. Churches buy building supplies, chairs, books, and electronic equipment. They set-up websites, use movies as community events, are interested in social action, travel, use legal and insurance services, attend conferences, buy vehicles, and more.

Secondly, church leaders influence their congregations and recommend resources on a regular basis.

Christian consumers are one of the “largest, most faithful, highest spending market segments in the United States” (Faith-Based Marketing: The Guide to Reaching 140 Million Christian Consumers).

Church leaders are respected by their congregations. Church leaders have great influence over the decisions and buying behavior of the people in their churches. There are millions of Christians in the United States, and a powerful way to reach them is by reaching their church leaders.

Finally, church leaders are a target end-user in and of themselves.

“Pastors of growing churches are dynamic leaders. Many of them have all the qualities of a CEO or small business owner” (Faith-Based Marketing). They write and publish books; they pursue educational opportunities; they are avid readers; they use technology; they drive vehicles; and they have families. Plus, church leaders are a unique audience because they are passionate about the reason behind their vocation and are dedicated to helping others.

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