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10 Million Church Leaders & 100 Million Faith-based Consumers


  • Monthly Visits: 1.83 million
  • Monthly Page Views: 2.79 million
  • Email Subscribers: 94,000 US
  • Facebook657,000 fans
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Purpose: is the channel for reaching influential church leaders in every area of ministry, including senior pastors, youth leaders, worship leaders, outreach leaders, children’s ministry leaders, small group leaders, and volunteer leaders.

  • Monthly Visits: 2.27 million
  • Monthly Page Views: 11 million
  • Email Subscribers: 92,000 US 
  • Facebook: 9,950 fans
  • Demographics

Purpose: is the largest collection of sermon resources on the web. Senior pastors and preaching pastors use this site on a regular basis to prepare their sermons, with most users returning on a weekly basis.


  • Monthly Visits: 134,400
  • Monthly Page Views: 380,000
  • Email Subscribers: 48,500 US
  • Facebook8,700 fans
  • Demographics

Purpose: Establish your brand in the award-winning magazine packed with ideas, insights, and effective church practices. This pastor audience creates a great advertising venue for any company who wants to reach influential, proactive church leaders in the growing churches of America.


  • Monthly Visits: 20,000
  • Monthly Page Views: 60,000
  • Email Subscribers: 13,000 US
  • Facebook: 1,830 fans 
  • Demographics

Purpose: is the fastest-growing church job site on the web.  With an audience primarily consisting of employed job-seekers, this site provides an opportunity to reach upwardly-mobile church leaders. Industries that are an ideal connect for ChurchJobFinder advertising include seminaries, universities, church-planting resource providers, and more.


  • Monthly Visits: 60,000
  • Monthly Page Views: 80,000
  • Email Subscribers: 15,000 US
  • Facebook2,330 fans 
  • Demographics

Purpose: The community is comprised of forward-thinking leaders with vision and growing congregations.


  • Monthly Visits: 70,000
  • Monthly Page Views: 100,000
  • Email Subscribers: 16,000 US
  • Facebook72,450 fans

Purpose: SermonQuotes is a fast growing website which inspires pastors, church leaders and Christians, and especially engages visitors through social networking and social sharing. Find inspirational sayings, ideas, quotes and scripture.

  • Monthly Visits: 8.5 million
  • Monthly Page Views: 9.54 million
  • Email Subscribers: 85,000 US
  • Facebook1 million fans
  • Demographics

Purpose: One of the fastest-growing websites in the history of the Internet, FaithIt has tens of millions of faith-based visitors each year, primarily women between the ages of 25-44. is a cause-based social-media integrated website with thousands of viral videos and articles that users share within their personal networks.


  • Monthly Visits: 4.16 million
  • Monthly Page Views: 4.79 million
  • Email Subscribers: 50,000 US
  • Facebook178,000 fans
  • Demographics

Purpose: is the ideal platform to reach mothers between the ages of 25 and 44 years old. By providing inspiring articles and practical parenting tips, the site gives daily encouragement to the everyday mom.


  • Monthly Visits: 1.13 million
  • Monthly Page Views: 1.28 million
  • Email Subscribers: 5,000
  • Facebook1.1 million fans
  • Demographics

Purpose: was designed to help hurting teens and young adults find hope through stories of healing and redemption. The site provides high-energy, cause-driven, inspiring stories that have the power to touch hearts, change minds, and ignite social media!


Purpose: is a site for Christian schools of higher education to expand their enrollment by reaching prospective students. Site visitors enjoy abundant resources to help them in their search for just the right college or seminary.


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