Impression-based vs. Date-based Advertising

The web-based advertising options we offer vary between impression-based and date-based ads. The option or combination or options we suggest will be based on your marketing goals. Impression-based advertising is spread throughout a time period (example: 100,000 display banner ads over one month). Ads will show up periodically throughout the time period. Some users will see the ad once, others multiple times, others not at all. Impression-based advertising is more brand-building oriented than date-based advertising. Date-based advertising typically means that you have an exclusive space on the website for a specific period of time. Every time a user comes to the site during that time period, your ad will be in front of them. Date-based advertising is great for a target period of time when you want to do some se rious lead generation or if you want to consistently present your message to all the users on the site over a long period of time. Neither advertising option is better than the other. They each have different purposes. They work really well together. We’ll use one or a combination of both, depending on the specific needs and goals of your marketing campaign.

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