Outreach Magazine

Outreach magazine is published bi-monthly with an additional special Top 100 Issue published every fall that covers America’s largest and fastest-growing churches.
The magazine is distributed nationwide. Magazine ads are full-color and options include limited 1/3, 1/2, and 2/3 vertical ad pages, plus half-page horizontal, full-page and two-page spreads (double-trucks). Special placement is available across from specific departments. Specialty-advertising options are also available in the Top 100 issue. Please contact a National Media Consultant for more details.

Magazine – Print Offerings:

  • 2-Page Double Truck Ad
  • Full Page
  • Full Page with Priority Placement
  • Full Page with Specialty Placement
  • 2/3 Page Vertical Ad
  • 1/2 Page Horizontal Ad
  • 1/2 Page Vertical Ad
  • 1/3 Page Vertical Ad
  • Inside Front Cover Double Truck
  • Inside Front Cover Full Page
  • Inside Back Cover
  • Outside Back Cover

Outreach Magazine Premium Program

Outreach magazine Premium Program is an exclusive 60 day partnership in Outreach magazine promotional channels as well as Outreach Media Group channels (runs simultaneously with printed issue). It includes:

-27,000 tip-on print images and book description polybagged with Outreach magazine

-400,000 dedicated email blasts with book image and author call-out to Outreach magazine subscribers and Outreach magazine newsletter subscribers

-4 million impressions of the book on Outreach magazine’s newsletter (66.5k per send, 5x a week for 8 weeks)

-Book image on top right rail banner of Outreachmagazine.com

-Book image and author call-out on embedded form on most pages of Outreachmagazine.com, as well as excerpt from the featured premium.

Company/publisher provides 350 books for giveaway promotion.  Publisher may also include a flyer promoting another book if they would


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