We know the church leader/consumer faith based market and our goal is to help your advertising not just succeed but thrive! To that end, we offer our consultative services on your artwork, messaging and landing page. We also guide you in an effective, strategic and cost effective marketing plan that will help you accomplish your objectives of branding and lead generation.
A successful marketing plan must be multi-faceted, realistic and implemented consistently over time. Depending on your end objective, there are a number of ways in which we can help you accomplish your goal. As seasoned professionals we’ll partner with you to develop a marketing plan by:

  • Understanding your ultimate objective.
  • Identifying which audience would be the best fit for you to target.
  • Working within your budget
  • Being flexible enough to allow adjustments to meet your specific need
  • Utilizing all our resources to make your campaign as effective as possible.


Great campaigns take work! What makes one ad successful and another miss the mark can be as little as changing around a call to action. It’s called Message Testing. Avoid wasting thousands of dollars and weeks of time advertising the wrong message to the wrong people by first testing your messages. This allows you to determine what ads will resonate and cause people to take notice.

As we like to say “you don’t propose before you date.” Testing takes the guesswork out and enables us to get you the best results possible. We set up a series of ads and variations that we’ll track, measure, and report delivery on. We have two options of Message Testing available; Ad Copy Testing and A/B Split HTML Subject Line Testing.

Ad Copy tests are run on our channel, with up to 4 different messages delivered over 4 days. A/B Split HTML Testing allows us to send two different subject lines to the same list. The Split Test Wizard lets us compare opens and clicks for both sends, so that you can get the best results for your blast.

Lead Generation

Cost Per Lead (CPL) is the advertising strategy with guaranteed results. You get exactly what you pay for. Instead of impressions or clicks, you capture names, emails, and other selected data fields. In
short, you grow your contact list quickly and affordably.

Build long-term relationships with potential customers and harvest the power of repeat touches with a lead capture strategy focused on growing your email list. We have a variety of highly targeted lead capture methods that connect you with the ideal audience for your product/service. With a custom campaign, you can increase the return on your investment and create future opportunities for your product/service. This entire process is closely monitored with our lead capture management system. Our team will work with you to design a custom lead capture campaign that fits your specific needs! Contact one of our National Media Consultants today for your custom lead capture campaign quote.


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