Use QR Codes in your Magazine Ad

Make your Outreach advertisement more interactive and effective with a QR code! You’ve probably noticed them — those weird little squares on magazines ads, in store displays, and even at the movie theater. It’s a QR Code and it’s the latest way to communicate with people in the marketplace. By inserting a QR code into your Outreach advertisement, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can just click and be taken to any web page you want. This is an ideal way to share new offers, strategic promotions, and more details about your products and services with prospective customers, exponentially increasing the value of your ad!

“More and more people first visit your company through your website — not through your front doors.” Give them an easy way to get there with a QR code!

Great Use Ideas For Your Company

  • Provide details for new and exciting products and services!
  • Create excitement with a promotional video.
  • Offer a free gift and collect the contact information for people who use your QR code. This gives you a method of further communication.
  • Link to your Facebook page and get people to follow your company’s social media posts.

We like to use this QR Code Generator. For additional recommendations look at Top 10 Free Online QR Code Generators or Create QR Code Generators.

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