User Demographics

New churches and churches planting churches are growing churches needing resources.  The community is comprised of forward-thinking leaders with vision and growing congregations.

60,000 page views per month.  l   16,000 visitors each month.

Male 75%
Female 25%
Average Age 48
User Position
Senior Pastor 37%
Associate Pastor or Leader 10%
Worship Pastor, Director or Leader 2%
Outreach/Missions Pastor, Director or Leader 2%
Youth/College Pastor, Director, or Leader 6%
Small Groups Pastor, Director or Leader 5%
Women’s Ministry Pastor, Director or Leader 3%
Volunteer Ministry Leader 6%
Missionary/Evangelist 6%
Other 23%
Books, Conferences & Faith-based Movies
Buy more than 7 ministry-related books each year 47%
Attend 1-2 conferences per year 48%
Attend 3 or more conferences each year 45%
Watch a faith-based movie with the last year 93%
Recommend faith-based movies to their congregation 100%
User’s Education
Have a Doctorate Degree 5%
Have a Masters Degree 24%
Have a Bachelors Degree 33%
Plan to continue their Education 81%
User’s Behavior
Make or Influence Church Purchases 12%
Involved in Decision-making Process 77%
Have visited advertiser’s website for more information 46%
Considered purchasing or purchased a featured product or service 54%
Recommend resources to their congregation 98%
Would recommend ChurchPlants to a colleague 98%
User’s Church
Have an annual budget of over $100,000 31%
Have a staff of 5 or more 25%
Have at least 2 staff members 17%
Is Twice the size of the average church in America 28%
Is Larger in size than the average church in America 48%
Church grew more than 50% in the last 10 years 13%
Church grew in the last 10 years 73%
In the next 12 months, User’s churches will:
Add a new staff person 23%
Buy Books 41%
Consider a trip to the Holy Land 10%
Consider partnering with a para-church ministry (ie MOPS, Alpha, AWANA, etc.) 15%
Expand our current facility or build 45%
Host a special event at our church (ie Injoy, Crown Ministries, CCN) 23%
Launch a planned giving program 30%
Partner in planting a church 34%
Purchase audio-visual tools (ie software, videos, projection images) 33%
Purchase children/youth curriculum 33%
Purchase church supplies (communion supplies, bulletins, offering envelopes) 43%
Purchase furniture or capital improvements 20%
Purchase small group curriculum/bible studies 30%
Send a team on a short-term mission’s trip 30%
Send people to a conference 39%
Sponsor a child through a world relief ministry 11%
User Church Denomination
Baptist, Southern 9%
Baptist, Other 9%
Christian Church 12%
Lutheran 0%
Methodist/Free Methodist 4%
Pentecostal/Charismatic 29%
Reformed/Presb 4%
Wesleyan 4%
Non-Denominational 17%
Other 17%


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