Bethany Payne

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Marketing and Product Manager for the Outreach Media Group | Passionate about connecting customers with the right resources to reach their target audience.

How to Design a Winning Lead Magnet

We’ve all heard “the value is in the list” and we have discussed the importance of a drip campaign, and consistent messaging. But how do you build that list? Many times building your list with a free download called a “lead magnet” or “premium” makes the most sense. But how [...]


Why Doesn’t Google Show My Traffic?

Your traffic campaign is perfect. You’ve optimized your landing page to convert, your banners are pulling great CTRs, your webpage is set up for you to track your results through Google Analytics, and your vendor ad report says you’ve gotten 1,000 clicks! Everything is great! That is until you open [...]


6 Ways to Keep Your Emails Cutting Edge

It’s no secret that more and more people are checking their email on their phones. The shift over the last few years has resulted in the majority of emails now being read on mobile devices. Here are six quick ways you can shift with the times and keep readers engaged [...]


5 Tips for a Successful 2018 in Marketing

2018 promises to be a busier year than ever with the changing marketing landscape and increasing pressure for results. Here are 5 New Year's Resolutions you should make for a successful 2018: 1. Think Outside the Box We all tend to have favorite ways of doing things. Or maybe we’ve [...]