Think New Thoughts

Are you satisfied with the results of your current marketing strategy? It’s been said that if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten. So, the way to get different results is to do things differently and the way to do things differently is [...]


7 Levels of ROI in Digital Advertising

A major problem advertisers have with digital advertising is they often fail to realize a return on their investment. This failure can be traced to their product, their message, their brand promise, or any number of other causes. One way to capture a return on an advertising investment is to [...]


9 Tips for Building Effective Landing Pages

Targeted traffic to your website can be hard-fought and expensive to capture. While quality traffic to your page can be accomplished by prompting a large number of visitors to click on an ad, that success can be undone by a poorly configured landing page. A well designed landing page will [...]


How to Lose Money in Digital Advertising

Instead of attempting to make a closed sale on the first contact – something that rarely happens – it is often better to pursue a digital relationship which will create long-term opportunities in ongoing sales or older digital engagement such as the solicitation of donations.