Why Your Leads Need Consistent Messaging

Why do people sign up for your email lists? Before you ever start writing a lead nurture campaign, you need to answer to this question. Relevancy is one of the most important factors to consider when emailing your list. You need to consider why your subscribers signed up, and what [...]


What Digital Advertisers Forget about Brand Awareness

"Brand awareness" isn’t a goal digital advertisers use much—it’s a lot harder to translate into dollars and conversions. But just because it’s harder to measure doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Branding still impacts your bottom line. Here’s how: Branded search traffic When people know who you are and what you [...]


What Is a Drip Campaign?

When someone clicks through your ad and signs up for your free offer, what happens next? Does their contact information sit in a queue, waiting for a sales rep to reach out? How many days pass before they hear from you? A lot of brands make the mistake of acquiring [...]