How Pastors Help You Reach Your Ideal Audience

For brands that create church products, the decision-makers are often elder board members, tech directors, or ministry leaders. If that’s you, it might seem like a waste of effort to advertise to pastors or create unique content for them. They’re not the ones buying and using your product or service, [...]


How to Write Emails That Get Clicks

It’s frustrating when you spend time and money building a list of leads, only to wind up with a bunch of subscribers who ignore all your emails. Email marketing can be incredibly effective, but a lot of brands make common mistakes that hurt their click-through rate (CTR). Thankfully, there are [...]


4 Reasons Print Advertising Is Still Important

As your brand explores what to do with your advertising budget, someone will inevitably ask, is print advertising still worth it? Why invest in print ads when you have so many great digital options? Digital advertising has some major strengths that print ads can’t replicate. It’s far easier to measure [...]