5 Tips for a Successful 2018 in Marketing

2018 promises to be a busier year than ever with the changing marketing landscape and increasing pressure for results. Here are 5 New Year's Resolutions you should make for a successful 2018: 1. Think Outside the Box We all tend to have favorite ways of doing things. Or maybe we’ve [...]


6 Reasons to Buy a Media Plan, Not Just Ad Space

Are you stuck in the three-month or one-off media syndrome? Here are six reasons to develop a long-term media plan: Build Rapport: Consistent advertising establishes mindshare with readers. It creates the image that your organization is stable and has been in business for a long time. Put simply, consistent advertising builds [...]


5 Messaging Tips to Multiply Your Advertising ROI

A simple advertising campaign can cost thousands of dollars. Done right, it can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in increased sales and enhanced brand equity. Done wrong it can lead to the loss of revenue and even jobs. One of the simplest—and often most neglected—strategies for making [...]


7 Rules for Creating Killer Landing Pages

Targeted traffic to your website can be hard-fought and expensive to capture. Success can be partially accomplished by prompting a large number of visitors to click on an ad, only to be undone by a poorly configured landing page. Securing a return on investment in digital advertising is highly [...]


Free eBook: 12 Keys for Maximizing Online Advertising

Online advertising can be expensive—and easy to waste! Watch the “12 Keys” video and download the eBook to discover valuable insights for multiplying and maximizing the results of your online advertising investment. A must for all advertisers! Download Your Free EBOOK