How to Troubleshoot Your Ad Campaign

You defined your audience. You created your ad, landing page, and lead magnet. But for some reason, your ad impressions just aren't leading to conversions. Or your leads aren't turning into customers. If you aren't seeing the click-through rate (CTR) you want, it doesn't mean you have to go back [...]


How to Choose the Right Button Color

For well over a decade, marketers have debated about the most effective button color. At first, the answers were wildly inconsistent. Some marketers argued that all buttons should be orange. Or that red was better than green. These conclusions were largely based on personal experience, or a single A/B test. [...]


How to Create Emotionally Captivating Subject Lines

People generally open your email for one of two reasons: They recognize and trust you. Your subject line sounded interesting. The only way to build trust is to increase brand awareness and consistently create valuable experiences for your leads and customers. But there are lots of strategies for writing interesting [...]


4 Ways You Should Test Your Subject Lines

Want to improve your email performance? Never send out an email with only one subject line. If you test at least two ideas, you’ll ensure better results and learn more about what your audience responds to. But what if you can’t come up with another idea? Small tweaks like adding [...]


How to Run a Successful A/B Test

It’s a lot easier to be confident in your ideas when you can say, “We tested it. This messaging outperformed the others. This design increased conversions. This title got the most clicks.” A/B testing is a practice every marketing team should have in their toolkit. But while the concept is [...]


Don’t Let Clutter Kill Your Conversion Rates

It takes a lot of work to design and build high-quality landing pages. So it’s frustrating when they don’t perform as well as you expected. But sometimes, low conversion rates aren’t a reflection on your copy, your design, or even your targeting. Sometimes low conversion rates are a sign that [...]


How to Write Emails That Get Clicks

It’s frustrating when you spend time and money building a list of leads, only to wind up with a bunch of subscribers who ignore all your emails. Email marketing can be incredibly effective, but a lot of brands make common mistakes that hurt their click-through rate (CTR). Thankfully, there are [...]