Women Are Church Leaders, Too

As an advertiser, you want your audience to see your ads and think, “Hey, this is for me!” You want to speak to their aspirations and problems so clearly that they feel like you understand them and your product or service can really help them. You want them to see [...]


How Pastors Influence Church Members

Pastors don’t often promote specific products or services from the pulpit. But when church members have questions about how to live out their faith, pastors tend to recommend the books, conferences, courses, advisors, organizations, and other resources they’re familiar with. If you want to reach Christian consumers, you should have [...]


How Pastors Help You Reach Your Ideal Audience

For brands that create church products, the decision-makers are often elder board members, tech directors, or ministry leaders. If that’s you, it might seem like a waste of effort to advertise to pastors or create unique content for them. They’re not the ones buying and using your product or service, [...]