6 Stats to Keep Your Marketing Sharp in 2020

When it comes to best practices, the marketing world rarely experiences dramatic shifts. But every year, there are a handful of new insights we can use to better reach and engage our audiences. As you roll out your plans for this year, here are six stats to keep your marketing [...]


Why Your Emails Need to Be Mobile Friendly

A decade ago, reading email on your phone would have been considered a luxury. The iPhone just hadn’t been out for very long, and smartphones were far from ubiquitous. But today, depending on your industry and audience, 85 percent or more of the people you are trying to reach might [...]


6 Ways to Keep Your Emails Cutting Edge

Sometimes it’s hard to say what makes one email work and another one flop. There are numerous factors that influence whether or not someone opens your email, clicks your link, and follows through with your call to action. But following best practices will consistently improve every email you send. And [...]