The Power of Email

Tap into the power of email marketing. Get your message in front of church leaders and faith-based consumers without the distraction of other content competing for their attention. When you send a dedicated email blast, it’s your offer only, backed by the reputation of our trusted brands. Our brands have built up that trust through providing engaging content, relevant resources, and viral stories.

Why Email?

Email is often overlooked for the powerhouse that it is. There are 3 times more email accounts in the world than Facebook & Twitter accounts combined!1


72% of subscribers prefer email communication with companies over any other platform.2


91% check email daily,


and 66% make purchases as a result of emails they have received.3

The Inbox

Email is not just a way to build brand awareness, used strategically, email drives revenue and conversions.

Think about it. People are in a different mode when they are reading email. When they are on social media, they are looking to experience that feel-good lift, to connect with friends and family, to have a conversation, and to be entertained. Ads in that environment often feel like an interruption.

With email, subscribers have asked (opted-in) to receive deals and resources in their inbox where they can respond on their terms and make sure they don’t miss a thing. These are not an interruption, and opens and clicks from these readers are much more valuable.

Our Reach

Reach email subscribers in our church leader and faith-based audiences. Pastors and church leaders influence the buying decisions in their church, ministry, and congregation. Influencers in the home, like moms, influence the buying decisions of the household, including entertainment and education choices. Advertise to one or more of the targeted audiences below.

Influencers in the Church

Website/Brand – Influencers in the Church Number of Email Subscribers
SermonCentral 90,000 subscribers
SermonCentral Publishing Promotions 7,000 subscribers*
SermonCentral Money Matters 14,000 subscribers 105,000 subscribers
ChurchLeaders Outreach Leaders 13,000 subscribers
ChurchLeaders Pastors 30,000 subscribers
ChurchLeaders Small Group Leaders 9,000 subscribers
ChurchLeaders Youth Leaders 8,000 subscribers
ChurchLeaders Children’s Ministry Leaders 16,000 subscribers
ChurchLeaders Worship Leaders 9,000 subscribers
Outreach Magazine 45,000 subscribers 13,000 subscribers
ChurchPlants 8,000 subscribers 15,000 subscribers 22,000 subscribers 15,000 subscribers

Influencers in the Church

Website/Brand Email
SermonCentral 90,000
– Publishing
– Money Matters 14,000 105,000
Outreach Leaders 13,000
Pastors 30,000
Small Group
Youth Leaders 8,000
Children’s Ministry
Worship Leaders 9,000
Outreach Magazine 45,000 13,000
ChurchPlants 8,000 15,000 22,000 15,000

Influencers in the Home

Website/Brand Email
Subscribers 75,000 44,000 40,000
ToSaveALife 2,000*

Influencers in the Home

Website/Brand Number of Email Subscribers 75,000 subscribers 44,000 subscribers 40,000 subscribers
ToSaveALife 2,000 subscribers*

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Reach Email Subscribers