5 Marketing Tips for a Successful 2018

2018 promises to be a busier year than ever with the changing marketing landscape and increasing pressure for results. Here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions you should make for a successful 2018:

1. Think Outside the Box

We all tend to have favorite ways of doing things. Or maybe we’ve been told, “this is the way it’s always been done” so we do it that way. It’s been said that if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

What things in your marketing strategy need to be rethought? Are there better ideas—new ways of doing things? Maybe you’ve always focused on sending emails and buying ad impressions, but this year you find that editorial content coupled with social media is your sweet spot. Challenge yourself and your team to think about new and innovative ways to accomplish your goals.

2. Be Willing to Change—Quickly

The digital landscape is always changing. With the introduction of new technologies, venues, and social media platforms—think Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and even Virtual Reality—it’s important to continually assess what’s working and what’s not. And most importantly, where are your customers engaging the most?

For example, if you are pouring your marketing dollars into video because it increases traffic to your site, but it doesn’t convert, then some evaluation is in order. Is the website optimized for conversion? Is the messaging putting the reader in the right frame of mind to be interested in your offer? And most importantly, are you reaching the right audience who will eventually convert into happy customers?

3. Don’t Skip Steps

Let’s face it, we all want sales yesterday. That’s why we market in the first place. However, just like real-world relationships, customer relationships take time. First, people need to know your product or service exists (awareness), they need to be exposed to it more than once (multiple contacts), and then they will be more likely to buy to your product or service. Just like in relationships, you wouldn’t expect a marriage proposal on a first date. Each step is important and should be included in your marketing plans for an effective sales funnel.

4. Get Seen!

With all the focus on conversions and sales, don’t forget the importance of building your brand. The value of name recognition cannot be overstated. When you run to blow your nose, do you grab a Kleenex® or a facial tissue? Do you Google™ it or do an internet search? The names we associate with things didn’t happen overnight, but rather through a process of seeing/using a brand over and over again. Leave space in your 2018 marketing plans to build your brand; it builds your future customers.

5. Focus on the Right Audience

You can have the best marketing strategy on the planet, but if you are trying to sell name brand running shoes to couch potatoes, then it will fail. Take the time to know who your customer is, then focus your efforts on reaching that person. You will save time, effort, and a lot of money, and be well on your way to a successful year.