How to Design a Winning Lead Magnet

We’ve all heard “the value is in the list” and we have discussed the importance of a drip campaign, and consistent messaging. But how do you build that list?

Many times building your list with a free download called a “lead magnet” or “premium” makes the most sense. But how do you create a premium that brings in those leads the way you want?

1. Align your premium with your audience

First, take into account your audience, who are they? What are their needs, problems, hopes, and desires? If your audience is moms, you will approach it differently than if your audience was teenagers fresh out of high school, or pastors wanting to complete their doctorate of divinity.

2. Provide VALUE to your audience

You can’t just throw whatever out there and expect people to exchange their information for something just because it’s free. The premium needs to be valuable to your audience. A sermon package or leadership ebook is going to prove more valuable to a pastor or church leader than it is to a stay-at-home mom.

3. Make sure the value is equal to the information requested

Offering a one-sheet or “free preview” is fine if all you are trying to capture is a name and email address. But if you start asking for their church name, church size, or position title, or phone number, then your premium should have enough value (in the number of pages and amount of content) to compel them to give you more information for it.

4. Provide a premium that is actually a BENEFIT to your audience

Make sure there is a clear benefit to your audience. No one wants to give away their information to download a “free” sales pitch. You may think your background, history, and benefits are great, but really, they are of no value to your audience — yet. Something that shows a pastor how to grow his church (whether or not he uses your product), shows a mom ten ways to stay sane while managing a crazy schedule, or a student the important things to look for in any college are providing a clear benefit to the reader.

5. Prepare your leads for a future conversation

Your follow-up method is where you can start helping your potential customer learn about your company and product or service. It can be an email drip campaign, or a phone call, or what works for your sales model. (Check out these three great ideas for your drip campaign).

It is crucial that your premium prepares the reader for the conversation you want to have with them when you follow up. If you have a premium showing a pastor how to organize his day for less stress, pitching your church building company may not make the most sense. However, a premium that gives him ten tips to increase giving in his church is perfect for following up with information about your electronic giving software or app. If the content doesn’t set you up for the right future conversation, you risk an ineffective follow-up campaign with the leads you capture.

Know your audience, provide value to them, and align the offer with your message. Then you will have a premium that attracts the leads you want.